The disastrous suggestion that Fishersgate School is to close is the last thing which should have befallen this community.

It is a community which is remote from Chichester, the centre of the county administration, and seemingly it is a case of "out of sight, out of mind".

It is worth noting the recentlyissued consultation document is signed by Cllr Robert Dunn, a Southwick resident.

There have been a number of meetings in the district at which these proposals have been discussed by parents, school governors and local councillors. The closure of Fishersgate has been opposed.

Adur Council met recently for the annual State Of The District debate, which took the reorganisation of schools as its theme. This debate also condemned the suggestion Fishersgate should close.

This school has an admirable level of achievement. It has many extracurricular activities aimed at families, making the parents inclusive and active in the schools programme. It is part of the community.

Fishersgate has few shops and has lost its post office and its community centre. The Dome has failed to materialise, the church has been closed and the school is left as the last of the community's facilities. It is nothing short of criminal to even consider its closure.

Parents are faced with an awful prospect if they have to walk to Manor Hall Road and back twice a day by the long route and the journey using the railway bridge is almost impossible for those with younger children in buggies.

-Councillor Peter Berry, Shoreham