I wonder if any Brighton residents can cast light on a tragic mystery which is more than 65 years old?

A relative of my father's, Eric Fogg, was a composer of some distinction known to millions in the Thirties as "Uncle Eric", presenter of the radio programme, Children's Favourites. He had been musical director of the BBC's Empire Service since 1934.

On December 19, 1939, he died under the wheels of a tube train at Waterloo underground station. He was on his way to Brighton, where he was to marry for the second time.

Whether he died deliberately or by accident is uncertain. One theory is that he had lost close friends in the First World War and was deeply depressed by the onset of the second.

Last Saturday, the BBC Philharmonic Orchestra and the Leeds Choral Society revived a major work of his, The Seasons, which was presented in a full orchestral version for the first time in 75 years - the original score having vanished.

It turned out to be a marvellous piece of music - much better than we had expected - and my brothers and I felt we would like to learn more about the shadowy figure who wrote it.

We wonder if any of your readers with long memories can assist.

-Nic Fogg, Lancashire