Andrew Castle has defended the award of a Wimbledon wild card to Sussex's Martin Lee.

New LTA chief executive Roger Draper has blasted the decision after Lee finished third in the wild card play-offs.

He said: "Lucky loser wild cards do not help create a winning culture in British tennis.

"In future years the LTA will work closely with the All England Club to establish a water-tight system that rewards winners and potential future winners."

But Castle, a presenter on GMTV and former world top 100 player, says Draper has got it wrong.

He said: "It is not right to call Martin Lee an under-achiever.

"Despite everything in this country, he has managed to become a tennis professional and for that he deserves credit.

"We have the most rubbish, mediocre system imaginable.

"Roger Draper is doing his best to change things around and get rid of the culture of second-class performance.

"But to become a professional tennis player and make money, even as a journeyman, in this country is like being a world top 20 player in other countries.

"I'd hate to see it if foreigners got the wild cards instead of our boys."

Lee, the former world junior No. 1 from East Preston, beat Arvind Parmar in the decider for third and fourth place.

It will be his first Wimbledon appearance in three years.

The injury-hit former British No. 3 said: "My results over the last year show I've done well. I've come from the brink of retirement to a position where I can push towards the top 100 again.

"I wasn't expecting anything and was ready to play in the qualifying.

"I've spoken to Roger since he's been appointed and I get on well with him. He's trying to make a point and something definitely needs to be changed in the LTA."