Felicity Carus technically qualified to write on the subject of 4x4s (The Argus, June 13), or has she just collected a load of published opinions from personalities or groups with axes to grind?

In her article, one of the so-called claims is in truth a fact. The three top-selling 4x4s (the Rav4, the Honda CRV and the Freelander) are shorter than the Mondeo and Vectra.

Here are two other facts: The term "4x4" defines a system of transmission where front and rear wheels are driven by the engine.

Such vehicles have engine capacities across the same range as other vehicles, ie one litre upwards.

The three most popular models, listed above, all have two-litre engines but are no more gas guzzlers than the multitude of other vehicles on the road with similar engine capacity.

Norman Baker's comments reek of class and ill-informed prejudice and are a bit of a joke. For example: "not to ferry Tarquin 400 metres to school and back". If he thinks 1.6 km a day, five days a week, at prescribed times, is a threat, his sense of proportion is way off beam.

I commend Mr Baker's report on 4x4s. It can be obtained from his website and will provide an insight into his thinking.

I have driven for nearly 50 years and I can honestly say my Rav4 is the best car I have ever owned. I feel no reason to apologise to Sian Berry or anybody else as long I try to drive within the law and act responsibly and that, I'm sure, is the view of most 4x4 owners.

By the way, can Sian Berry tell me how many miles in a year I have to drive my 25mpg Rav4 to equal the energy (waste?) consumption in the unlikely event of having my TV on non-stop for 16 years?

In the immortal words of John McEnroe: "you cannot be serious". As with all branches of the public, 4x4 and other car owners, pedestrians, cyclists and motor cyclists, all have our share of ne'er-do-wells and none of us is perfect.

-Brian Beck, Lewes