The churches of England are being closed down, with the Bishop of Chichester considering twelve or more in Brighton for closure.

With the recent increase in population, England is the fourth most-overcrowded country in the world.

If churches remain empty, it can mean only one thing - the Church of England is not employing the right people to do the job. The parishioners are out there but when does the vicar ever come knocking on doors (the way politicians do) to try to get to know who lives in their community and encourage them to support the Church?

Furthermore, we only hear of churches closing, never the palaces of the archbishops or bishops.

These are also expensive to maintain, for the pleasure of fewer people than attend the churches.

Close them down first and divert the cost of their upkeep to where it belongs, the worshippers.

With no Church, no bishops will be needed, so they are on the way to self-destruction.

-S Corderoy, Worthing