Thanks to all the people who visited Rottingdean this past weekend.

It is a shame some were too lazy to put their rubbish in the bins provided.

The couple who left magazines, cans, carrier bags and other assorted items might like to know a very nice man of at least 75 years of age did your job for you. But it was your responsibility, not anyone else's.

I saw at least six parties of people, from teenagers to 40-somethings, leave an array of mess.

Particularly unpleasant were parents who allowed their children to use the beach as a toilet when the public conveniences were less than 100 yards away.

I'm sure you find them adorable, but please don't make others feel as if they are sitting in a lavatory.

Rich or poor, it takes two minutes to pick up your litter or walk to the toilets. My mother had six children and still found the time to find the rubbish bin when necessary.

Brighton is already dirty enough, do you really want to make it worse?

Or don't you really care?

-Shirley Logan, Rottingdean