Pete's budding relationship with Nikki could be cut short after the blonde was nominated for eviction for the third time.

The pair have got closer this week and have been seen cuddling and holding hands but all this could end on Friday if Nikki is voted out of the house.

Nikki was openly nominated by Glyn and Lisa as punishment for talking about evictions.

Nikki, Lea and Imogen also had to openly nominate a housemate for eviction while the remaining housemates nominated as usual in the privacy of the diary room.

Pete, who lives in Brighton and fronts band Daddy Fantastic, was one of the first housemates to strike a pose on a make-shift catwalk as part of the latest Big Brother challenge.

Whenever housemates heard the phrase "strike a pose" they had to rush to the catwalk and pull a model pose.

Pete was busy beautifying himself in the bedroom the first time it was heard.

Aisleyne made it to the catwalk wearing only a thong but real model Susie failed to make it in time because she was washing her hair.

Welsh housemate Glyn later streaked naked through the house to whoops and cheers from Lea, Nikki and Lisa.

He managed to grab Nikki's towel to save his blushes but Nikki chased after him and retrieved it.