Dentist JE St Pierre provides no evidence to back any of his assertions (Letters, June 9) regarding the supposed efficacy and safety of water fluoridation (WF) or to contradict Gary Kemp's statements regarding the practice (Letters, June 3).

He says: "I am not aware of any deaths resulting from the fluoridation of water."

He obviously is unaware that the American National Cancer Institute estimates in excess of 35,000 cancer deaths annually amongst the 165 million Americans with fluoridated water.

St Pierre states: "It (WF) is particularly of inestimable benefit to the dentition of young children."

Again, he gives no supporting evidence and avoids referring to the Government's own estimate of a maximum of 14.6 per cent benefit to teeth compared to 48 per cent of people suffering from dental fluorosis in fluoridated areas - seen by scientists worldwide as the first visible sign of acute fluoride poisoning.

This also contradicts the claim: "Significant disfigurement from fluorosis is rare and probably exacerbated by excessive ingestion of fluoride toothpaste."

In 1980, the National Pure Water Association issued 13 separate statements showing the evidence of the dangerous, useless nature of water fluoridation and offered a £25,000 reward if anyone could refute any of the claims.

So far, the British Fluoridation Society, the British Dental Association (of which I believe Mr St Pierre is a member) and the British Medical Association have not responded in any way.

As pro-fluoridation dentists Dr Boyask (Letters, June 7) and St Pierre have not yet provided any evidence to support their pro-fluoridation claims, I doubt they could secure this reward either.

Medication without consent is a serious medical offence, so why do dentists and doctors persist in supporting the indiscriminate medication of entire populations and, worse still, with a registered poison which is not even licenced as a medicament?

-Veronica Walton LCH MARH, Hove