Proposals to build more than 150,000 new homes in Sussex were today described as "monstrous."

A report published by the Government calling for the development of up to 7,630 new homes a year was slammed by councillors and politicians.

Already, proposals from the South East England Regional Assembly suggesting 28,900 homes should be built every year in the region have caused uproar, with protesters across Sussex arguing schools, roads, water and waste facilities could not cope.

But the Government has now hired an influential firm of consultants, Roger Tym and Partners, to come up with its own suggestions.

Its controversial plans call for up to 46,000 new homes to be built each year, increasing the total build by 59 per cent.

Henry Smith, leader of West Sussex County Council, said the proposals were "preposterous" and "a serious threat to the very fabric of a county that is already struggling to cope".

Seera's figures include the development of 2,900 homes a year in West Sussex, most in the Gatwick area and on the coast.

The new plans could see the figure rise to 4,600, with more than 92,000 homes built over 20 years.

East Sussex could see a similar rise from 27,000 new homes under Seera plans to nearly 43,000, says the consultants' report.

Nicholas Soames, MP for Mid Sussex, said: "This is completely unacceptable. We must resist this. The whole thing is absolutely monstrous."

The new report includes plans for almost a million new homes in the South-East.

Peter Jones, leader of East Sussex County Council, dubbed the proposals "appalling and ludicrous".

The final date to respond to the draft South East Plan by Seera is Friday.