While other developers build flats in keeping with current styles, why is Worthing Borough Council obsessed with creating some futuristic Croydon-by-the-Sea with the development I dub Teville Towers?

Some years ago, I lived in the shadow of not one but two Sixties 19-floor tower blocks in North Kensington, London.

They are very tall, affect the light and dominate more than one could possibly imagine. Teville Towers will be almost as high.

No doubt the relatively happy environment of the houses and gardens to the north and south of the railway line in Worthing are going to be changed forever if the development goes ahead.

At various times of the day and seasons, previously sunny gardens will be no more and it would be pretty logical for property values to plunge.

Who would choose to live in the shadow of two gigantic towers, however pretty?

There might be some sense in creating another Croydon if the whole of the rest of area to the south of the station and a couple of the roads to the north were bulldozed as well but that's not planned - yet.

The council seem to have a fuzzy idea about the station area.

They seem to dream of a "superbusiness" area but, in the real world, just about everyone wants a decent transport interchange at Worthing station - a bus station and possibly a coach park with retail and perhaps some business space above. Station areas aren't easy but we have the space and it could look good.

As to all the flats, who will want to buy them? A hint of problems to come is many of the new flats in the Warner's site at the bottom of South Farm Road are unoccupied. A great sea view, as in the handsome Warner's development, is one thing.

A view of a railway line from 14 floors up on a windy day is quite another and when it's a bit misty there won't even be a view.

Build Teville Towers as planned and we could hand our children the town's most expensive mistake ever - a privately-owned swimming pool in the wrong place and a cinema complex already catered for in other towns are only the starters.

My own children agree the area needs re-development but don't want this huge great thing which they are going to be cursed with maintaining. Oh and they'd prefer the swimming pool to be the town's and where it is now, by the seaside.

-T Nicholls, Worthing