I am 84 years old, disabled and hold a vehicle disability card which expired on June 1.

I applied in good time for a new card from my local social services, only to find I had to supply two further passport photos.

As I am disabled, I depend on friends and relatives taking me where I need to go. Unfortunately, I was unable to get anyone to take me to get a photo taken in time to receive my new card before I left for a holiday in Sussex.

While in Brighton, I was taken by my son, by car, to a restaurant at Brighton Marina during the evening. We parked in the virtually empty car park there and used a disabled space, as I needed to be as close as possible to the exit.

I assumed (wrongly as it turned out) a certain amount of leniency would be given regarding the card.

On returning to the car, we found it had been clamped and there was a notice demanding £85 for its release.

We rang the telephone number supplied to request release and in due course two employees arrived.

I am obviously old and disabled, so was it unreasonable for me to be incensed that these gentlemen chose to stick to an apparently unwavering rule by demanding their £85?

When my son asked who owned the car park they refused to tell us. I realise there have to be rules regarding these matters but surely a little elasticity could have been given over an obvious technicality.

It certainly doesn't encourage good relations with holidaymakers in the town, or make for good husbandry with regard to the elderly and disabled.

-Mrs J Towell, Carlisle