Daddy Fantastic singer Pete Stephenson went from Tourette's to majorettes as the housemates' latest task descended into disaster.

Dressed in red leotard dresses, gold waistcoats and red top hats the housemates have been tasked with pulling off a baton-twirling routine and were shown an instructional film yesterday.

Ever the performer, Pete, who lives in Brighton and has Tourette's syndrome, took to the task well and appeared to be a baton natural but other contestants could not get the hang of it.

Glyn attempted three moves but failed miserably. Mikey was even less successful, managing only to jump up and down and swing his arms around to a Girls Aloud tune.

With the viewing over, the Big Brother majorettes headed into the garden to try to pull a routine together. Practice was cut short though when Big Brother boomed marching music into the house and all the housemates had to begin marching around in a line.

Seeing how ridiculous they all looked, Pete asked: "What are we doing?"