John Foxx never achieved the success of British electropop stalwart Gary Numan (who cited Foxx's former group Ultravox as a major influence), a reason why, perhaps, he has remained a somewhat peripheral cult figure.

While his first solo offering, Metamatic, is often lauded as a seminal piece in "electro land", his output since then has been sporadic.

His latest album, Tiny Colour Movies, marks a spirited return to form. This, the last night of the tour, was an energetic celebration of his back catalogue.

Accompanied by Louis Gordon, the performance featured newly-minted songs (A Million Cars was particularly notable) as well as some vintage Foxx.

His 1980 hit Underpass was a faithful rendering of the original. The encore included a storming version of Ultravox's Slow Motion, capping a performance which brimmed with creativity and went down a treat with the diehard Foxx fans swaying nostalgically in the audience.