With a long-list of celebrity devotees, a strange name, and as yet unavailable in the UK, Budokon has all the makings of a cult workout.

Jennifer Aniston, Courtney Cox, Meg Ryan and Rene Russo are among the rich and famous jumping on the Budokon bandwagon faster than you can say "spirit of the warrior" Budokon in English.

The creation of Cameron Shayne the man credited with getting Aniston's body (and mind) back into shape post-Brad Budokon is a blend of yoga, meditation and martial arts.

Dubbed the Hot Hollywood Workout because of the fact it has been making tidal-sized waves over on the US's west coast, Budokon has also been impressing real athletes such as retired boxing ace Sugar Ray Leonard and Olympic volleyball champ Kerri Walsh.

Despite the A-List endorsements, Shayne has said there is "no room for egos" in his workout and described Budokon as "the pursuit of self-knowledge it's about remembering what you're about and what you're capable of".

So, if you've forgotten "what you're about" and it's not due to concussion, you might want to give it a whirl.

Only problem is, at the moment the workout isn't available in the UK.

But don't panic, Shayne is about to train up a batch of UK instructors so we Brits can reap the benefits of Budokon.

If you can't wait that long, there is Shayne's Budokon Beginning Practice DVD, which includes long and short workouts plus a step-by-step "pose guide".

The 70-minutes DVD will help you get to grips with moves including the floating crow, the dancing dog and the fighting crocodile.

Once you've mastered that there's Shayne's 12-week weight-loss program.

You'll not only harness the triple power of martial arts, yoga and meditation, but also the two other essential elements of the Budokon method holistic nutrition and self-empowerment coaching.

Just 90 minutes of Budokon and Shayne says you'll shift about 800 calories, create lean muscle without bulk and feel invincible.

  • All available from www.gaiam.com or call 0870 241 5471.

Budokon Beginning Practice DVD £14.99.

Budokon Weightloss System £27.99.

Budokon Beginners Kit includes DVD, mat and yoga brick £29.99.