We've all flocked to gyms and classes at the start of the year full of good intentions to achieve the body beautiful.

But unfortunately the dream of a toned, strong, lean and fit figure seems almost like too much hard work.

Many of us don't want to spend hours sweating and jumping around to get fit, but it looks like there could now be another way.

Devised by leading experts from LA Fitness, Synergize is a revolutionary new programme which combines yoga and Pilates for a complete mind and body work out.

What is it?: Coming from the words synergy and exercise, Synergize is a specially-designed hybrid of yoga, pilates, chi gung and strength training.

Classes change every three months to keep both body and mind challenged.

Yoga was developed in India around 5,000 years ago and is the union of the breath, body, mind and spirit.

Pilates is a much more recent development from the West a set of exercises and techniques developed by a German, Joseph Pilates.

As a child, he was very ill and spent his life trying to improve his fitness.

The fruits of his physical labour was Pilates, a set of exercises which can bolster core stability.

What it does: It makes your mind and body work together to improve health, fitness and promotes weight loss through muscle toning.

The objectives of Synergize can be divided into two areas physical and mental.

  • Physical: Improved flexibility, strength and posture, better circulation which can improve skin tone.

It may also benefit vital organs.

Both the liver and kidneys are said to work more effectively after a quick blast of this yoga/Pilates combo.

Synergize creators say it can also improve balance, breathing, back, abdominal and shoulder stability as well as all over body strength.

  • Mental: Synergize can improve your focus, meditation skills and memory.Increased energy will boost sluggish immune systems, nourishing the body instead of draining it. It can also help to calm the nervous system and reduce stress.
  • Who is it for: The class is fine for beginners, pregnant women or even yoga or Pilates veterans.

Where: The Acupuncture Clinic, 143 Portland Road, Hove. Call 01273 722422.

Or LA Fitness, North Road. Call 01273 685868.

When: The Acupuncture Clinic Tuesdays, 6.15-7.15pm (first class free if you go before the end of March).

LA Fitness Monday, 7-8pm, and Tuesday, 11am-midday.

Cost: The Acupuncture Clinic £7.50 per class or £40 for six classes.

LA Fitness members only cost included in membership.

The classes are led by fitness instructor Raz Mirza Benefits in a nutshell:

  • Improved flexibility
  • Increased strength
  • Greater mobility
  • Improved posture
  • Stress release
  • Rested mind