I am concerned by the destruction of many trees during the past month in Wild Park.

A notice says that the Friends Of Wild Park, in conjunction with Brighton and Hove City Council, are clearing shrubland to bring it back to how it looked in the 1940s.

I have to ask: What was wrong with how it was looking? Was it right in the 1940s? There is nothing wrong with clearing a small area of shrubland but this is a bit more than that. Trees which were clearly more than shrub have been felled leaving nothing more than stumps.

Why was it necessary to clear so much? It is nice to see a bit of diversity rather than plain bald hills of the South Downs which, let’s face it, were once covered in trees until man cleared them.

It reminds me of what is happening in the rainforests now.

It would be nice to create a new national forest to go in our new National Park, and the area particularly to the east of Brighton is certainly lacking in trees.

I realise that due to soil erosion a lot of areas would be unsuitable but perhaps there is somewhere? Let’s put something back for a change.

S Grimstone, Osborne Road, Brighton