The Prime Minister will be visiting Brighton today.

Gordon Brown and his wife Sarah boarded a train at London Victoria bound for the city a short while ago.

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On board the train, Gordon Brown told journalists the first of the televised leaders' debates had "energised" the General Election campaign and would increase the public's focus on the "big issues".

The Prime Minister said he "enjoyed" the head to head with David Cameron and Nick Clegg but declined to say how he had fared.

"It's up to the people to judge in the end," he said.

"Let's wait and see. As the debate emerges people will see where the substance lies."

While Mr Brown was judged to have performed worst out of the three leaders in most of the instant polls which followed the debate, aides insist the event has helped the Labour campaign.

They say it has assisted them in highlighting the differences between the parties on the economy and public services.

"I enjoyed it," the Prime Minister said. "I think it's part of the debates we should have in British politics.

"I think it's probably energised the campaign and people will be interested now to see the arguments that people put forward.

"When the dust settles about who said what, how and to what effect, the arguments will become a lot clearer."

He added: "Over the next few days, the campaign is really going to be fought on the big issues."

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