An election hopeful believed his popularity was soaring as members of the public stopped him for his autograph.

But Brighton Kemptown candidate Dave Hill was suffering from a case of mistaken identity as his fans thought he was in fact nightclub owner Peter Stringfellow.

Long-haired Mr Hill, who is standing for the Trade Unionist and Socialist Coalition party, was stunned to be stopped by women wanting his signature while he was out canvassing for votes.

Mr Hill, 65, of Cumberland Road, Brighton, said: “I thought it was a victory for socialism, but they thought I was Peter Stringfellow.”

As well as the familiar silver-mane, the nightclub owner and his election hopeful look-a-like celebrate their birthdays just seven days apart, although Mr Stringfellow is five years older than Mr Hill.

Despite the obvious physical similarities, Mr Hill said there were quite a lot of differences between him and Mr Stringfellow.

He said: “I have never owned a leopard print thong. I don’t own any strip clubs and don’t even go to any.”

Mr Stringfellow has been vocal about his support of the Conservatives and in February auctioned dinner at his London lapdancing club to raise funds for David Cameron’s election campaign.

Mr Hill said that almost every time he meets his prospective constituents they welcome him with open arms, but possibly because they think he is the well known celebrity.

He said: “I was in Peacehaven at the weekend. We went for a meal at the carvery and three women came up to me and asked for my autograph.

“I of course obliged and asked ‘are you going to vote for me?’ They just looked very confused and asked ‘why would we vote for you?’.

“It happened again when was on the back of the campaign bus going about five miles an hour up St James’s Street.”

Mr Hill said that at the launch of the TUSC manifesto in Dundee last week, a group of female fans ran up to them saying: “I’ve always wanted to meet you”.

Peter Stringfellow is not the only person Mr Hill has been mistaken for.

He said: “When I was younger I used to get stopped and asked if I was David Essex.”

Also running in the Brighton Kemptown constituency are Simon Burgess (Labour) James Chamberlain-Webber (UKIP), Ben Duncan (Green Party), Simon Kirby (Conservative) and Juliet Williams (Liberal Democrats).

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