The Argus: Has beans..the End of the line

Broad beans or has beens?

Its the end of the line for some. April is the time to plot with Lottie.

The spring sun has baked the sods of soil, where only the toughest and deepest rooted will survive. Do Forget-me-nots, Bramley blossom, Lolla Rossa, or Daffodils delight you or make you want to say sods of soil off?

The Argus: Forget me not

Forget- me- not

The array of unforgettable flowers with their delicate Conservative, Cambridge blue calls quietly for you to vote for David Cameraman. No shrinking violets, the Oxford blues or hung baskets for him.

The Argus: Bramley

Bramley Apple Blossom.

An old faithfully, fruity friend. Will it keep the doctors away or the doctors in pay? Good Gordon, its closed petals ask, when will Brown blossom? Will he stay in the shade as a strong Scottish tree of substance, but not a prize winner.

The Argus: Lolla Rossa

Lolla Rossa.

Green with red edges as it matures. Independents like Caroline Lucas stay ever green, ever faithful to their spotlighted principles. Fresh, crisp – not to everyone’s taste- it adds a crunch to lunch and colour to substance. A crucial ingredient to the salad bowl of life?

The Argus: Lonely as a cloud

Daffodils Delight.

Bursting into proud prominence two weeks ago, they are still strong with their heads held high. Is Nick Clegg one of those late flowering scented varieties? Some say that the perfume of his policies has the smell of summer.

BBC Plotter.

But what should I plant for the next five years?

My BBC plotters guide shows that:-)

33% of Forget-me-nots – yields 255 units

30% of Daffodils – yields 100 units

27% of Bramley - yields 264 units

10% of Lolla Rossa - yields 29 units

Composter. Will we ask on May 7th where have all the flowers gone?

Or where have all the wasted votes gone?

The Argus: Composter

Gone to composters everyone, when will they ever learn,....... when will they ever learn.

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