The award-winning Maydays show, Tonight’s Top Story, takes its inspiration from your very own Argus.

The audience were invited to rummage through the newspaper before the show, snip out scintillating snippets and leave them in a bucket on stage. The Maydays did the rest, reading out random clippings and then improvising comedy sketches, poems and songs that were more or less related to the article.

This made for some wonderfully fresh, off-the-wall humour, but some of the funniest moments involved The Maydays taking inspiration from the audience. These included Harry and Jasmine who met at a “nose party” at the Water Margin, and a woman who admitted going round to her new man’s place for a second-date dinner and being refused entry.

The team of four were ably backed by their inventive keyboard player who added melody and atmosphere and the lighting man who had a canny knack of cutting the sketches at the right moment.

While there are tricks and techniques to improvised comedy, the speed of thought and action, the ability to take on character and accent and the knack of making it all funny is a special gift, one The Maydays have in bucketfuls.