After trials, debate and the cold shoulder from cyclists and Boris Johnson, bendy buses have finally arrived in the city.

Brighton and Hove Buses has bought four of the controversial vehicles for the busy number 25 Lewes Road universities route.

The company trialled one of the buses in October last year and in February announced they would enter into service once they had been adapted and painted in Brighton and Hove Colours.

The buses were made available to the city after London Mayor Boris Johnson pledged to scrap them from the capital upon election.

The city’s three-door vehicles have now had the middle exit sealed so passengers can disembark only through the front and rear doors.

Roger French, managing director of Brighton and Hove Buses, said: “They started this week and we've only got one operating so far. Next week we'll have two and the week after the third will begin journeys.

“It sort of crept in on Monday as we wanted to make sure there were no teething troubles.”

Mr French said the fourth bus will be used as a back-up for the three operating buses and that they will operate on the number 25 route at peak times between 8am and 10am and 3pm and 6pm.Unlike other buses in the company's fleet the four bendy buses have not been named after people connected with the city.

Mr French added: “We are open to suggestions that are a slightly different name for a slightly different bus.”