Cyclists were slapped with £30 fines by police - for riding along a cycle path.

PCSOs handed out fines to eight cyclists as part of a police operation cracking down on unsafe road users earlier this month.

The cyclists were handed the fines for cycling along the patch from Wild Park, Moulsecoomb, in Brighton, to the approach to Coldean Lane.

But police have admitted the cyclists should not have been given the fines in the first place and have asked people to contact them to get their notices quashed.

Tony Green, treasurer of cycling group Bricycles, said: “It's a bit poor.

“It's perfectly legal to cycle from the entrance of Wild Park to the bottom of Coldean Lane.

“The police should've checked before they handed out the fines.”

A Sussex Police spokeswoman said the mistake stemmed from the fact the path is classed as 'dual use' and there are signs indicating cycling is not allowed – at least on one side of the path.

She added: “The fixed penalty notices were issued to cyclists in good faith as part of a multi-agency operation to tackle antisocial driving and cycling in the Moulsecoomb area.

“The PSCOs were standing beneath a 'no cycling' sign and issuing the notices to cyclists using the pedestrian lane instead of the cycle lane.

“The signs are contradictory to the Brighton and Hove City Council cycle map, which designates the route as dual purpose, and for this reason Sussex Police has cancelled the penalty notices.

“Sussex Police is writing to each of the eight cyclists who received a penalty notice and issuing a refund to the six cyclists who have already paid the fine.

“We are working with the council to ensure the signage is clear to avoid future confusion.”

A council spokeswoman said: “The lane is designated on city cycle maps as a ‘dual use’ route for cyclists and pedestrians.

“We are currently working with the police to look at this, and other cycle routes in the city, to clarify use and ensure that signage is clear.”