Sussex's green spaces may be bursting out in a riot of spring colour - but its streets are coming out in decidedly more electoral hues.

With the general election now in full swing, poster war has effectively been declared in the windows and gardens of the county's households.

We want to know who's winning the battle in your area. Are you in a hippy paradise of Green posters, or is your true blue neighbourhood awash with Conservative posters?

Are Labour's candidates beaming out from your neighbours' windows, or is the Clegg effect boosting the Lib Dem quota in your street?

Whether it's on your way to work or the corner shop, make a log of what you see and leave a comment below, specifying where you've seen them.

If you are connected with a party in any way, please feel free to leave a comment - but be up front about who you are.

You can also upload your pictures to our Flickr group here - which is also a home for any candid candidate shots you may have taken of the candidates on the election trail.

And if you live in Brighton Pavilion, you can plot any sightings of candidates on our map here.