Although the subject is a very sore one I was pleased to read the letter Scars On Our Parkland by S Grimstone (Letters, April 9) about the destruction of trees in Wild Park, Brighton.

I could literally cry as I walk around there these days. The shrub and woodland has been massacred, all for the sake of grazing sheep which could have been accommodated on the field above without the financial costs and the destruction of wildlife.

Rabbits and insects have just suffered one of the worst winters for 30 years and the bird population is declining year by year, so Brighton and Hove City Council aid their recovery by stripping the land of their natural habitat. Who came up with this idea?

Whoever they are, they certainly haven’t been walking in Wild Park for the past 40 years, as so many of us have. Now a vast area is fenced off so we can no longer enjoy rambling up the hills.

So much for progress – if the park was at it’s best in 1946 why not reinstate the road that drove right the way around it so we can all have better access, since we’ve now been driven out of Stanmer Park as well.

We are quick to criticise and throw our hands up in horror at the thought of what is taking place in the rainforests thousands of miles away, yet our own council is doing exactly the same in our own city.

Why not concentrate on dealing with the central reservation in the Lewes Road, which someone obviously over-treated with weed killer two years ago as there is no grass now, just a stretch of dust.

Natalie C Nortcliff
Appledore Road, Brighton