Now I remember what influenced me to become vegetarian. Like many others I was a melancholy 13-year-old obsessed with Morrissey and proudly wore my Meat Is Murder badge.

It’s easy to imagine that Morrissey look-alike, sound-alike, and move-alike Jurgen Wendelen also abstains from burgers. His passionate introduction to the title song on this 25th anniversary tour of the album’s release, “For all of you who carry on making the excuses, now tomorrow and always, Meat Is Murder”, said it all.

With his skinny physique and quiff hairdo, the chrysanthemum-swinging Wendelen was a dead ringer for his hero. The packed crowd of fans joined in the twisting, arm waving and singing, which added to the energy. It was impressive how many people knew the lyrics.

Panic included noose-swinging, then many classics followed, including What Difference Does It Make, William, It Was Really Nothing and Heaven Knows I’m Miserable Now, for which “Morrissey” perfected his swinging technique as chrysanthemum petals flew.

“I don’t know whether I’m supposed to say this but you’ve made us very happy,” Wendelen informed the also far from miserable-looking crowd.

The four-piece band from Liverpool performed several encores which saw five or six people clambering on stage and hugging their surrogate idol before being prised off by security.

The performance ended with There Is A Light That Never Goes Out, but the smell of fresh flowers lingered in the air during the following Smiths disco.