A collaboration borne of the comic talent pool Superclump, if.comedy nominee Mike Wozniak teams up with Leicester Mercury award winner Henry Paker to present an incredibly silly play about what happens when a librarian from Reading takes the search for an overdue book far further than he could ever have ever imagined.

The plot is, quite honestly, insane, involving magic Rolodexes, crazed Bolivians and goose-themed national celebrations, not to mention dubious scientific theories on the existence of an East Pole and average name generators.

The moustachioed Wozniak has the sort of cartoonish physicality normally manufactured in felt by Jim Henson. The sight of him pretending to disappear down an aeroplane toilet was in no way the cleverest segment of the show but it was one of the funniest. Likewise, Paker's lunatic seductress and shapeshifting underwater creature; with eyes bulging and arms fluttering, he looked for all the world like a Ralph Steadman grotesque come to life.

Despite the admirable range of its two leads and the many wonderful segments contained in The Golden Lizard, it doesn't entirely convince as a play, appearing more an excess of sketch ideas. This might be remedied by some ruthless editing - after an hour, the plot hasn't just thickened but boiled over into a froth.

It's only at preview stage at the moment and while it might need a little polishing, there's no disputing the talents of this pair.