Alan G Baker excels in his dual roles as leading man and director in Seaford Little Theatre's production of Derek Benfield's comedy Fish Out Of Water.

Baker, who has appeared on TV, radio and in the West End, is superb as randy, blustering Brigadier Hubback. His comic timing and rapport with Margaret Kennedy - excellent as his dictatorial wife Audrey - provide laughs aplenty.

I'm sure the fact that both Baker and Kennedy have so much experience as directors gives them a big advantage as actors in making the most of a script.

But this is a comedy without a real plot. It is staged entirely in the lounge of a hotel on the Italian Riviera and is almost an extension of television sitcom Duty Free.

Benfield's script does contain some witty lines and comic situations, but unfortunately there is nothing much to sustain it.

Sparks fly with the arrival of loud, outspoken widow Agatha and her browbeaten sister Fiona.

A confident Sandra Haynes does well in portraying Agatha's brashness as she forces cringing guests to take part in sing songs and games, yet much of her performance is one-dimensional.

Dorothy Hemsley proves to be an amusing doddery sister, despite needing prompting and making a late entrance on the first night.

Impressive debutant Stephanie King, as sexy maid Marisa, Samuel Nunn (tour rep Julian Whittle) and Dennis Picott (woman-mad manager Mario) offer good support as holiday-makers squabbling over double room bookings, late flights and foreign food.