This hour of high-energy organised mayhem for a tent full of young children (and their parents) was produced by just three inventive performers.

Featuring puppetry, live music and physical theatre, this adaptation of Lewis Carroll’s classic was created by Uncontained Arts.

Battling strong winds, which were battering the tent, the three created an original spin on the characters including a bold Alice and suave Cheshire Cat.

With little scenery or props the two female, one male cast improvised, turning Alice’s book into a door and using a small blonde doll to create the shrunken Alice.

Sound effects such as Alice’s tummy rumbling and visual effects including Alice’s tears shooting from two water pistols added entertainment.

At times, the acoustics weren’t completely clear, so it seemed difficult to keep the onlookers captivated. However, some classic pantomime moments of audience participation excited the young crowd, as when the Mad Hatter cried: “Shall we let her have it? (tea) Yes? No?” This was followed by a comical song I’m Crazy For Tea, played on an invisible piano, with the chorus “And if you really want to risk it, you can dunk your favourite biscuit.”

Another highlight was the court scene in which the Queen Of Hearts held a trial to find who stole the tarts, shrieking “Off with her head” at Alice while the audience played the indignant jury.

It was a creative, imaginative and comical show, aptly finished with a sing-a-long of We’ve All Had a Wonderful Time In Wonderland.