I write concerning the front page about traffic wardens being scared to work (The Argus, May 1).

I have been a door supervisor (not bouncer as referred to in the report) for 28 years and I work at Heist, West Street, Brighton most weekends.

I have, on occasion, parked my vehicle in West Street, on double yellow lines. I know it is illegal to do so, but as it’s not a police matter the only time we need to move our vehicles is when a traffic warden (or, as they like to be known, parking enforcement officer), turns up.

The PEOs turn up maybe once or twice a weekend and stand near our vehicles until we either move them or they have time to put a ticket on the windscreen. Door supervisors know that once the PEOs have been – between 9 and 10pm – it’s the last we’ll see of them. Once they have gone, we park our vehicles back again. PEOs do not operate after midnight and you’ll never see one after 10pm. Is this the fault of door supervisors or the PEOs?

I have no idea what goes on in Preston Street but in West Street there has never, to my knowledge, been a PEO threatened to be “beaten up”.

West Street, on a Friday and Saturday night, has to be one of the most policed areas in Sussex and I’m sure the police would have more than a few words with us if we were accused of threats or aggression towards a PEO.

Door supervisors are regulated and are subject to strict CRB checks. To obtain a licence, we have to go on a four-day course with an exam afterwards. Anyone with a criminal conviction will have their licence refused. The course can cost up to £250 and it costs a further £245 for the licence to be renewed every three years.

As stated in the article, Inspector Vicky Harris, Sussex Police’s head of licensing for Brighton and Hove, is unaware of the issue. I do believe she would be one of the first to know if any threats has been made to any PEO by door supervisors.

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