Concerning the “blow out” off Louisiana two weeks ago, when the BP deep water horizon semi submersible drilling rig blew up and sank: it is not the rig which is leaking oil. It is the 30in casing which has split above the seabed blowout preventer valve, which must have been damaged by the rig wreck sinking on top of it.

The Americans have a poor record when it comes to reacting to their disasters. Capping the well must be the priority.

It has to be capped with concrete, or it will become an oilfield version of Chernobyl.

If the Americans don’t get their act together in less than six months, this oil will start coming ashore in Europe thanks to the Gulf Stream. This is not a stored, known amount of crude oil and gas, but a complete field with a probable lifespan of 50 to 100 years.

What damage this amount of oil could do to our environment. Furthermore, New Orleans, Louisiana, is head office of the worldwide offshore oil industry, so lack of equipment cannot be an issue when it comes to addressing this crisis. Any pressure we can put on the Americans to get their act together must be applied, before this oil ruins our beaches and fishing here in Europe.

Ray Fletcher
High Street, Brighton