My eldest son worked solidly for two years to save money so he could travel the world. He took out insurance cover from a big company in Brighton for a gap year. What a worthless but expensive bit of paper it was.

My son was drugged and robbed in Thailand. The drug left him unable to walk for days. The insurance had a clause for “emergency money transfer” which my son opted for as a precaution, but that clause turned out to be a load of rubbish. Hidden in the 54 pages of jargon is the explanation: the money comes out of someone else’s bank and they transfer it. I handled the claim as my son was unable to do so, but so far the insurance company will not to pay for anything.

Insurance isn’t worth a jot any more. I am urging insurance companies to at least advise what their clauses mean. Good luck to the young lad in the coma in Thailand (The Argus, April 28). I wonder if it is the same insurance company looking to save even more money?

Sharon Morley
Windermere Crescent, Goring By Sea