Site-specific theatre is all about immersing the audience in the world of the play, while at the same time not compromising their enjoyment.

This take on Oscar Wilde’s classic comedy achieves this admirably, utilising a period setting in the Grand Hotel.

Before the trivial comedy for serious people begins the audience is treated to a genteel spread featuring cucumber sandwiches, pots of tea and fruit scones with jam and cream, allowing them to fully appreciate the space before the action begins.

The cast and action moves freely throughout the dining room, involving the audience in terms of their proximity to what is going on, but not halting the flow of the play.

This production is perfect for fans and first-timers, with the rapid pace making Wilde’s witty quips sparkle, while favourites, such as Lady Bracknell’s comment on how careless it is to lose two parents, are given room to breathe.

The cast is superb, without a single weak link.

Particular praise should go to Heather Rayment’s confident Gwendolen, Jason Delplanque’s frustrated Jack and Albert Clack’s spot-on reading of the bumbling clergyman Doctor Chasuble, making a minor part shine.