The presenters of News night, the Politics show and whatever lame coverage Meridian are dishing up, would like you to believe that the constituency of Brighton Pavilion is that rare and newsworthy event, a 4 way marginal. Now this isn't something that happens just off the main drag in Phuket, what the media are implying is that basically Pavilion, is a 4 horse political race.

Let me tell you now, its not. As much as I admire Bernie Millam (Lib Dem) and the lovely Nancy Platts (Labour) Pav (as we call it in these parts)appears to be a straight fight between the delectable Tory candidate Charlotte Vere, and the Glenda Jackson esque, Green Party leader Caroline Lucas.

In a normal City, and I say that as 5th generation Brightonian, it is very likely Vere given the general apathy towards the government, would be looking forward, without too much doubt to a generous majority. However Brighton's infamous diversity, ensures that the Greens appear to have pockets of support, in the more shall we say, trendy area's of the city.

In Hanover, the New England quarter and Preston Circus you will, if you wander for a while , note more than the odd Green poster or even flag proclaiming that you should 'Vote Lucas'.

However, the above captioned locales of central Brighton, have always been the most likely to harbour the type of dormant socialist the Greens are hoping mark their card.

Having read the Green manifesto it is clear that their policies are more far reaching than what many consider they might be. If you ask the average Brighton man on the street what he thinks the Greens philosophy is, he will no doubt respond that pollution, recycling and carbon emissions are the pivotal points of the Green party agenda.

If you dare to look more closely at the Green Party manifesto you may be shocked to realize they are in fact far more radical than that. They plan to increase petrol to £1.45 a litre and set a speed limit of 55 mph to our motorways. Corporation tax would be increased by 2% possibly costing thousands of jobs, as would imposing a strict 35 hour week. They will impose an aviation fuel duty, which would likely increase the cost of air travel and at the tax payers expense provide free school meals for ALL school children. Not to mention leaving NATO and abolishing trident. But the most radical and ludicrous Green policy is the suggestion of a congestion charge for Brighton. The seafront traders will love that one.

So why this support for Dr Lucas'? It is surely tribal voting or in this case tribal support, that may manifest into tribal voting. Brighton is the migration capital of the south, perhaps of whole country. It is apparently the place to be. Many of us remember fondly when Brighton was a quite seedy, run down, unfashionable place to be. Famed only for ships that run aground, and cup final thrashings. (replays only) Nowadays it is consider the uber cultural capital of the world. When in fact it is living way in excess of its trendy reputation. Some who are only temporary interlopers who have who have headed south in the same tribal way they may vote on May 6th, are the very reason Dr Lucas chose Brighton, especially Pavilion, for her assault to gain a parliamentary seat.

If Caroline Lucas does become the right honourable member, her victory will not be indicative of the opinion of many of the established Brightonians. Those that were born here and may very well die here. Those that would like to see sensible politics from a sensible politician.

A Green vote will not change the political picture in Britain. I doubt any of their policies will be implemented, so a vote for them is much like putting unleaded in a diesel engine, just because it might be a couple of pence cheaper!

Green voters will be influenced by other Green voters, irrespective of the contents of that manifesto. Voting Green is chance to be seen to be trendy, to be different.Or perhaps be misled, and sadly on many counts to be misinformed and somewhat ignorant of the basic facts.

Brighton people may be green, surely they're not cabbage looking.