What would you do if the light in the moon went out? How would you fix it? This simple but charming challenge is the basis of LaLaLuna – a one-man show by Wolfe Bowart which captures the imaginations of the young and – ahem – not so young alike.

Keeping a theatre full of children entertained is no easy task but Bowart is mesmerising as the moon’s caretaker, using mime, clowning and physical theatre to create a magical night-time land where bouncing balls, bubbles and giant balloons play with the audience and gravity in equal measure.

Alone on stage (apart from a reappearing bunny which becomes increasingly sinister), Bowart never fails to amuse, bringing a world of props to life with one touch of his perfectly poised fingers.

His physicality is faultless and his whimsical interaction with both props and the intricate soundtrack of songs, sound effects and charming accordion music is immaculate in both its timing and delivery.

To prove that adults don’t ever really grow up, a handful of whoopee cushions got the biggest laugh on Wednesday night, but in stark contrast to the humour throughout, a sense of poignancy comes when Bowart uses a film projected on to a washing line to communicate with a mirror image of himself. Together, the two Bowarts meet and merge to solve the lunar dilemma they are faced with.

Surreal and fantastical, LaLaLuna shows the endless fun that can be had with lightbulbs, plates, feather dusters, socks, paper cups and loo roll, proving that all you need is a lively imagination and a sense of humour to enjoy Bowart’s magical sense of mischief.

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