Today (Friday), we will be producing an exclusive election special edition of The Argus in Brighton and Hove featuring results and reaction from counts across Sussex, including Caroline Lucas's historic victory in Brighton Pavilion.

Click here for the full story, including our liveblog from the night, and to have your say on the result.

The special election edition will be available in these city centre shops from about 11am: ASDA Hollingbury

Sainsburys Lewes Rd Brighton

M & A 140 Lewes Rd Brighton

Co-op 56 Lewes Rd Brighton

Spar 159 Lewes Rd Brighton

Bos 26a Richmond Place Brighton

Good News Castle Sq Brighton

Allsorts 23 North St Brighton

City News Meeting House Brighton

Kayes 37 Dukes street Brighton

Bharat 72 East St Brighton

Seaside News 54 Kings Rd

One Step West St

Cranbourne News,Cranbourne St Brighton

WH Smiths Churchill Sq Brighton

Izzy News Queens Rd Brighton

Evans 10 Queens Rd Brighton

Tesco Express Queens Rd

Rolyns 57a North Rd Brighton

Aruna 55 Gardner St Brighton

Chirag 58 Upper Gloucester Rd

Station Stores 2 Terminus Rd

WH Smiths,Brighton Station

Budgens 78 Queens Rd

Amar News 68 Queens Rd Brighton

Blueberrys 1 Trafalgar St Brighton

Good News 33 Sydney St Brighton

Easy News 30 Trafalgar St Brighton

Trafalgar News 15 Trafalgar St Brighton

St.Noah 41 Trafalgar St Brighton

West Pier News 133a Kings Rd Brighton

Burnetts 62 Preston St Brighton

Dyke Rd News 1 Dyke Rd Brighton

Preston Park P.O. Preston Rd Brighton

Shell Preston Road

Marvans 84 Beaconsfield Rd Brighton

Co-op London Rd (Bakers St) Brighton

Somerfield London Rd Brighton

Sainsburys New England Brighton

Smokemart 45 London Rd Brighton

Stop to Shop

Pearl Food 10 Preston Rd Brighton

Moni 84 Preston Rd Brighton

PR News 1c St.James St Brighton

Morrisons St.James

Mace St.James St Brighton

Tesco Express St.James St

St.James St News St.James St Brighton

St.Marys 38 St.James St Brighton

Co-op 22 St.James St Brighton

Chiv 80 St.James St Brighton

Mulberry Stores St.Georges Rd Brighton

K & A 5 St.Georges Rd Brighton

Co-op 22 St.Georges Rd Brighton

Premier Store St.Georges Rd Brighton

BTC 16 St.Georges Rd Brighton

Jalaram 53 St.Georges Rd Brighton

The Kiosk 238 Eastern Rd Brighton

St.Marys News 105 Edwards St Brighton

Lumleys 141 Edwards St Brighton

Circle C Edwards St Brighton

ASDA Marina

News Buoy Marina

Magazine Shop 122 Dyke Rd Brighton

Nice One 131 Dyke Rd Brighton

Cookes 1 Montefiore Rd Hove

Wilsons 69 Cromwell Rd Hove

Tesco Church Rd Hove

St.Aubyns News 158 Church Rd Hove

Joeies 2 Blatchington Rd Hove

Mulberry Stores 322 Portland Rd Hove

Good News 87 Portland Rd Hove

Spar 232 Portland Rd Hove

Sainsburys Portland Rd Hove

Premier Stores 119 Portland Rd Hove

Co-op 76 Portland Rd Hove

Jays 72 Station Approach Hove

Hove Station Kiosk Hove

Tesco Denmark Villas Hove

Sainsburys Palmeria Sq Hove

Wilbury Store 25 Wilbury Grove Hove

M & B 3 Hove Manor Parade Hove

Hove News 135 Church Rd Hove

Taylors 30 Church Rd Hove

Londis Church Rd Hove

Somerfield Church Rd Hove

Tesco Western Rd (Palmeria Sq ) Hove

Associates 108 Western Rd Hove

Western News 12 Western Rd Hove

Brunswick Food & Wine 36 Western Rd Hove

Borders 2 Western Rd Hove

Buy to Win Western Rd Hove

Three Two Four Western Rd Hove

Sweet and Things 100b Western Rd Hove

Georges Store 139a Western Rd Brighton

Sainsburys Metro Western Rd Brighton

Sainsburys West Hove

Tesco Station Rd Portslade

Tesco Holmbush

Co-op Nevile Rd Hove