Surrounded by cherry blossom trees, St Ann’s Well Garden is the perfect setting to recreate the forest of Arden.

The cast of 14 puts on a lively show, making good use of the space. Alex Packer, as protagonist Orlando, charges around declaring his love for the feisty Rosalind, passionately portrayed by Scarlett Sheriff.

Using recorders, violin, drums and guitars, the musicians entertain with a surprising concoction of songs from Mad Dogs And Englishmen to Greensleeves.

A great comic moment occurs when the rotund Charles, (David Mountfield) takes part in a wrestling match with Orlando, who cartwheels away as Charles cries “Stay still while I kill you.”

There are a few distractions from music and voices across the fence but the actors skilfully retain focus.

When the famous lines beginning “All the world’s a stage...” are uttered, individual members of the small, appreciative audience are addressed, adding to the humour.

As the light dwindles people snuggle in their blankets, but warmth and colour is added by the use of some Indian-inspired music, dancing and gowns.

A traditional tale well told with a modern and exotic twist.