A police station was evacuated after a man brought in a live Second World War mortar bomb he had found in some woods.

The man had discovered the bomb whilst digging in Whiteway Woods near Arundel on Monday.

He took it to Littlehampton police station at about 7.45pm where he left it in his van parked outside.

The station was evacuated, as was the nearby ambulance station and the probation offices and police set up a 100 metre cordon.

No homes were evacuated.

The Royal Navy Explosive Ordnance Disposal team arrived from Portsmouth at about 9.30pm.

They established it was a live device but said it was safe to remove in a container and the cordon was lifted by 9.40pm.

A police spokesman said: "The Ordnance Disposal team ask us to remind people that they should leave such devices where they are found and call police so that experts can come to the scene at deal with them safely."