Dozens of protesters took to the streets in protest at Israeli soldiers' actions in intercepting a flotilla of ships carrying aid to Gaza.

Up to 15 people were killed after Israeli commandoes boarded ships carrying 10,000 tonnes of aid en route from Cyprus.

In a peaceful protest about 130 people are said to have marched through the centre of Brighton and Hove this evening.

Traffic was held up as the group walked from Old Steine, Brighton to Palmeira Square, Hove about 6pm.

Officers from Sussex Police reported those taking part were in "good spirits" and had children with them.

The march was organised by the Friends of Palestine Society largely through social media website Facebook.

Earlier today foreign secretary William Hague said the British embassy was in "urgent contact" with the Israeli government asking for more information.

He said: "I deplore the loss of life during the interception of the Gaza flotilla. Our embassy is in urgent contact with the Israeli government.

"We are asking for more information and urgent access to any UK nationals involved."

Israel imposed a blockade on the Gaza Strip after the Islamist movement Hamas took power there in 2007.

The six-ship convoy had set out to carry 10,000 tonnes of aid from Cyprus to Gaza, despite repeated Israeli warnings that it would not be allowed to reach the territory.

Israeli PM Benjamin Netanyahu expressed regret but said soldiers had been defending themselves after they were "clubbed, beaten and stabbed".

In a statement, Mr Netanyahu defended the Israeli operation, saying troops were attacked when they landed on the largest of the six ships in the flotilla.

He said: "They were mobbed. They were clubbed, they were beaten, stabbed.

"There was even a report of gunfire and our soldiers had to defend themselves, defend their lives or they would have been killed.

"Regrettably, in this exchange... people died. We regret this loss of life. We regret any of the violence."

Organisers of the convoy have strongly denied the Israeli account.

Former Prime Minister Tony Blair, who is the Quartet Representative in the Middle East, said: "I express deep regret and shock at the tragic loss of life.

"There obviously has to be a full investigation into what has happened.

"Once again I repeat my view that we need a different and better way of helping the people of Gaza and avoiding the hardship and tragedy that is inherent in the present situation."

Brighton Pavilion MP Caroline Lucas said: "I completely condemn this deadly attack on the humanitarian aid convoy.

"I am deeply shocked by the brutality of the assault, which has left a still unknown number of people dead and wounded. My thoughts are with the victims and their families."

She added: "This attack is a serious infringement of the principles of international law."

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