I sincerely hope that the anticipated backlash against foxes following the attack on two little girls, as predicted by Sussex Wildlife Charities, does not happen (The Argus, June 9). It is man who has invaded foxes’ country habitat with extensive development. I’m sure these animals would much rather be undisturbed in the countryside, instead of having to seek an existence in an urban setting.

All the experts speak of the rarity of this kind of tragic incident, and the fact the father was able to chase off the fox with a cushion does not seem to suggest the creature was in the grip of a “blood-lust”. The occurrence was, of course, shocking, but people need to look beyond the horrifying nature of it.

Any animal, as any human, can act completely out of character, but that is not a reason to condemn the whole species. When one considers the awful atrocities committed by a tiny proportion of humans on their fellows, there is not a backlash against all of mankind.

Thank goodness for people such as [wildlife workers] Roger Musselle and Trevor Williams, who show such compassion and feeling for wildlife in general, and foxes in particular, at this time.

David Gibbons
Phyllis Avenue, Peacehaven