I’m fascinated that some think they should “warn” us that Brighton could lose its reputation as the “dirty weekend capital and cheeky tourist destination” (The Argus, June 19). Surely that’s something to be celebrated, not feared or regretted!

These aspects of Brighton have long been a blot on the landscape and a reason for many to avoid it. For a long time it’s seemed nothing can be done to stem the growth of the sex industry in Brighton, with new venues opening and existing ones pressing hard to extend their licences to lewder and lewder fair.

It’s terrific to hear that Brighton And Hove City Council is revising its approach to recognise that lap dancing is more closely related to sex shops than places of entertainment and to specifically protect areas where outlets for the sex trade are particularly inappropriate.

This all makes very good sense and will make Brighton a better and far more attractive place for visitors, while in no way undermining Brighton’s eclectic and cosmopolitan atmosphere.

Richard Harris
Greenacres, Shoreham