I was saddened to see on the website of The Martlets Hospice – a worthwhile charity whose prime aim is to relieve suffering – that it is supporting the so-called sport of greyhound racing at the invitation of Coral.

I know only too well what hospices like The Martlets do. My father died of lymphoma and a brain tumour a year ago but was nursed by me at home. I know the revulsion he shared with me regarding animal cruelty and I have to express my disgust that the hospice should support the inflicting of pain on animals so that they can raise funds.

The fundraisers won’t see greyhounds with their ears cut off to remove their identities, and dumped. They won’t see them shot at the end of their careers or when they are too slow or when they break a leg. They won’t see them hung from trees as they do with racing greyhounds in Spain and Ireland.

These things happen because greyhound racing is supported. The greyhound fraternity is international – so if you see a happy dog running around at the races today, in a year or a month’s time it could be one of those in Spain.

I realise it’s too late to change the event now – but I would beg The Martlets not to do so again. They are condoning terrible suffering in one species to raise money for another. Does the end justify the means? I don’t think so.

Please look at greyhound rescue websites if you want to see the truth – but it’s not for the squeamish.

Celia Marker Post Office Lane, Ringwood, Hampshire Tragic effects IN the light of the fatal accident at 1am on Monday at the junction of Hove Street and Kingsway (The Argus, July 1), we feel there is a need for speed reminders, 30mph flashing lights and cameras between the Grand Avenue junction with Kingsway and the Hove Street junction with Kingsway. This is the only section of Kingsway which has none of these.

We have reported this dangerous section of very busy road on several occasions to the police on duty here but to no avail. Perhaps this tragedy will alert the authorities to this dangerous section of road where near misses are frequent.

John and Mavis Wright
Courtenay Terrace, Hove