Long gone are the days when arriving for your school prom in a limousine was seen as the height of cool.

If your mode of transport is not original or has not travelled from another dimension it would appear it is not worth talking about.

The pupils at Durrington High School in The Boulevard, Worthing, took the phrase ‘arriving in style’ to a new level at this year's summer ball.

More than 250 pupils attended the event and no expense was spared when it came to hiring a pair of wheels.

Pupil David Griggs became a Timelord for the evening by arriving in a Tardis.

Meanwhile about ten pupils decided on an environmentally friendly way to travel to the ball by riding on Segways.

The two-wheeled, self-balancing vehicles are powered by electricity and can reach speeds of up to 12.5 miles per hour.

Other pupils arrived in classic cars and an ice cream van.

Headteacher Sue Marooney said: “Lots of staff gave up time to organise this event for our senior pupils. It was a truly super evening enjoyed by all.”

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