If foxes are deemed dangerous to us, then cull them as humanely as possible.

This does not mean a return to the tradition of fox hunting. This displays a nasty element of sadism. Those who can afford all the costs of the horses and foxhounds try to tell us they are doing a great service.

I seem to recall that when the topic was up for debate prior to the hunting ban, the devotees of the hunt stated they did not, in fact, kill many foxes – making out they were “the good guys”. Now they say the population has increased because they no longer hunt them! Which statement are we supposed to believe?

If the fox population is a threat to us, then please do not let us return to the position where a select few have fun killing. Do it humanely.

Members of the public who feed these wild creatures, or who do not dispose of food rubbish sensibly are the ones who attract them to our communities. The same goes for people feeding seagulls. These animals have been encouraged by us to get their food.

June Wood, Landsdown Road, Seaford