In response to Celia Marker, (Letters, July 6), we have owned racing greyhounds for 25 years and we have had immense pleasure and pride watching our dogs compete, win or lose.

Our dogs come home when they retire and make wonderful, much-loved pets. I realise cruelty does occur, but unfortunately, that happens in all walks of life and to single out greyhound racing is unfair to the dedicated people who love their dogs.

The Brighton and Hove Greyhound Trust, which is run by Jenny Bunting and her staff, do a brilliant job homing the retired dogs that are unable to go home with their owners.

Greyhounds love to run and enjoy the chase. If I thought it was cruel to support this sport, I wouldn’t be part of it as I too am an animal lover.

Melita Acton, Harvest Close, Telscombe