I am writing in response to the article “Do we need to cull our urban foxes?” (The Argus, July 12).

We need to listen to the RSPCA and similar experts on this one as they have done their homework. They have concluded that the urban fox, on very rare occasions, can cause a problem and a cull is not the answer to these problems.

Graeme Carter, pest controller of Hailsham, says he is getting more calls and enquiries from people since the recent London twins’ attack – but let’s remember this was a most unusual event. Because this was given such attention by the media it scared people and triggered off these extra pest control enquiries.

I believe we should carry on as normal, letting those who love the urban fox enjoy seeing it and those who don’t, install the fox deterrents, such as light boxes or water jets, that are available from humane fox controllers.

I have it from the mouth of a fox expert that the urban fox only has two to three years’ lifespan due to road traffic deaths – its worst enemy in built-up areas.

Let’s forget the cull and fox hunting, neither of which will control the fox population.

We must learn to be less intolerant and live alongside our wildlife neighbours, dealing with individual problems when they arise.

Gloria Wheatcroft, The Drive, Hove