With reference to the culling of foxes (The Argus, July 12), I am against it 100%.

The recent uproar about them is regarding what they have done recently to those little children, for which I feel very sad, and also the little dog that was taken. As for the dog, it was no bigger than a rabbit, so that would be natural for a fox to take.

I feed a fox every single night. He comes at a regular time and I watch him from my window and have even fed one by hand, giving it four biscuits.

I suggest to people who want to cull them to put themselves in the place of the fox. If someone pulled your tail you would naturally turn round and snap at them.

It is the same with the seagulls – people shoot bolts into their heads and then moan about the noises they make.

If you don’t like it, move away from the coast. They were here long before you were. It is their territory.

Must go now, got to feed my foxes – they’re waiting.

FW Parkhouse, St Johns Place, Brighton

I was disgusted to read about culling dangerous foxes (The Argus, July 10).

Foxes were on this earth long before us and we humans are taking away the foxes’ habitat by building more and more houses.

Anthea Bowyer, Gloucester Road, Littlehampton