City bosses will spend dozens of man hours and possibly thousands of pounds to move a listed seafront shelter just 100cm.

The Victorian shelter, near junction of Preston Street and Kings Road, Brighton, invites pedestrians to rest their weary feet and enjoy sea views.

But now, more than a decade after the then Brighton Borough Council put a cycle lane on collision course with the shelter, Brighton and Hove City Council have decided to shift the historic structure.

A spokesman for the city council said after numerous reports of near misses it decided to apply for permission to relocate the Grade II Listed building one metre away.

It is thought the work will cost the cash-strapped council thousands of pounds.

A council spokesman said: “We're not spending money moving a shelter, we're spending money saving an injury or even a life.

“We have had complaints about the dangers of the cycle path being so close to the shelter seats and officers regard it as something that self-evidently needs addressing.”

He added the relocation will not interfere with the planned i360 development nearby.

A decision is expected on the planning proposal by the end of August.