I can’t believe Beyond Retro’s argument for selling vintage fur (The Argus, August 10). I think they are very naive in distancing themselves from the “modern fur trade”, using recycling as justification.

They can easily choose to refuse fur items when they buy their stock: the volumes they carry gives them enough buying power to do this.

Marketing it in their shops says it’s OK to wear it, which promotes the whole trade and makes it “normal” when it isn’t, it’s heinous.

In essence they are recycling fur, but the fur trade is so awful, why would anyone want to condone the wearing of it?

The average person on the street doesn’t know where your fur-trimmed coat has come from, so it’s irrelevant whether it’s recycled or not.

If it’s visible, it becomes normal and people become desensitised to the reality of its provenance. What next?

An elephant foot ashtray?

Zena Thompson
Prince Regents Close, Brighton