Some people find Jesus in the most unlikely places – but probably not the bathroom.

Poppy Wootton, of Springfield Road, Brighton, said she had a calling from on high while taking a shower.

Ms Wootton knew it was about time to redecorate her mouldy bathroom, but a chance encounter with the Lord has now convinced her to get a move on.

Agnostic Ms Wootton, 36, who works for the students’ union at Sussex University, said: “I was just getting out of the shower and looked up and saw in the peeling paint a picture of Jesus. I thought ‘wow’ – it’s uncanny.

“It looks like he is preying, it’s hilarious.

“I am not a believer, but people find Jesus in all sorts of things.

“It’s still there, but I am due to redecorate in the next few months so it will soon be disappearing.

“My luck has been very good recently, but I don’t think this is going to make me start believing.”

Earlier this week regulars at Caroline of Brunswick in Ditchling Road were stunned when a silhouette of Homer Simpson, star of the animation show The Simpsons appeared from a packet of crisps opened during lunchtime.

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