A businessman embarked on a two year campaign of hate after a woman accidentally bumped into him in the street.

Michael Scott, 58, tracked down the 23-year-old woman who he claimed had not apologised for colliding with him in the street.

After the brief encounter in Worthing town centre, Scott spent two months making repeated phone calls pestering her.

During calls Scott, of Stewards Rise, Arundel, told his terrified victim she would be sold into slavery and shipped to the Middle East.

Scott was yesterday jailed for three years after admitting making the calls to get his revenge.

His victim, who was still too scared to be named, told The Argus she had become so terrified she had moved house to try and get away from his menacing calls.

In repeated phonecalls to her home and work, Scott revealed he knew her full name, address and where she worked.

She said: “Looking back it seems ridiculous but at the time it was horrible.

“He would say ‘I’ve made a lot of money out of you. You’re very pretty and I’ve sold you to the Middle East for £50,000’.

“Once he said, ‘You’ve been chosen. I’ll put you in a crate’.”

Another time he phoned her at home and said: “Pack. I’m coming to get you. We’re leaving in a week.”

Scott harassed the woman during May and June 2009, and was finally arrested on August 29, last year.

When interviewed by police he said he did not know the victim but wanted revenge for the “bumping” incident. He was not even certain she was the woman who had bumped into him.

He was due to stand trial for harassment last month, then changed his plea and admitted the offence.

Sentencing Scott at Chichester Crown Court yesterday, Judge Claudia Ackner said the offence was so serious that only a custodial sentence could be given.

Detective Constable Faye Bennett, the senior officer investigating the case, said: "The sentence imposed on Scott reflects the serious nature of the offence and the effect that this man's actions had on the victim and her family.”